FUNIMALS – The Magical 3 in 1 Bath Bomb


Pomegranate Pearl scent


Aloe Angel scent

Vitamin Bomb

Cool Grape scent

Vitamin Bomb

Magic melon scent


Lavender and Lemongrass scent

Get Better

Lemon Fizz scent

The Funimals bath bomb is beneficial for children’s skin while turning the bath-time into a fun experience. It is important for us to lead our children away from the huge mass of colorful, aromatic and foamy shower gels to a natural, healthy and fabulous world. All bath bombs consist of natural and skin-friendly ingredients; children’s skin will not become irritated or flushed when using them.

It is an everyday problem that shower gels do not clean our skin thoroughly enough and yet clean it too thoroughly at the same time. They dissolve too much fat from the surface of our skin, yet fail to remove the dead skin cells, which can accumulate, offering the perfect substrate for microorganisms harmful to the body. The Funimals bath bomb established the perfect balance.

Our products speak for themselves

The Funimals bath bombs are unique on the market due to the collectible toy animals contained inside them.

There is a Collector’s Guide included with every bath bomb, which is helpful in identifying the animals you already have in your collection.

It is also special because some of the Funimals bath balls contain essential oils that can help reduce fever / have anti-inflammatory effects, some can strengthen the immune system or can make it easier to relax and to fall asleep.

Thanks to these complex features, they are guaranteed to offer a great experience for all children.

Collectible toy animals


Natural ingredients




The product, which is unique the European market, combines aroma therapy, a special blend of scents and colors and the joy of collecting toys.

Mostly made from food grade materials, taking the sensitive skin of children into consideration.

Thanks to the bath bombs’ intensive, varied fragrances, children can feel like they’re wandering through a magical forest of scents in their own bathroom.

As a result of extensive experiments, Funimals bath bombs color the water more intensively than other products available on the market, while retaining their skin-friendly features and without leaving any stains on the bathtub.

The long-lasting bubbling period enhances excitement, rounding off the fun experience.
The collectible little animals truly set the Funimals bath bombs apart from other products; the first series offers 15 different little animals to collect, while the process of collection can be easily tracked with the help of the collection booklet attached to every bath bomb.

The product complies with all EU standards

  No harmful ingerdients
  Mostly Natural and Vegan
  100% Safe on Skin, Non-Irritant
  Mostly made from food grade materials


Thanks to its natural, high quality ingredients, the product offers an unparalleled level of efficiency.

Our collection is a special range of scented organic bath bombs that have been hand made with the finest organic ingredients, including magnificent essential oils that smell divine and will leave the skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturised.

Vitamin Bomb – with its Vitamin C content it can help strengthen your immune system

Sweet Dreams – it can have a relaxing effect with the essential oils of lavender and lemongrass

Get Better – it can help reduce fever or have anti-inflammatory effects with the essential oils of lemon

Have fun – just for fun


Our collection offers a combination of vibrant colors and amazing scents

When creating the varied palette of colors for our bath bombs, we took special care in catering to boys and girls alike.

The bath bombs color the water in a spectacular way during the long-lasting bubbling period without leaving stains on the sides of the bathtub.

Thanks to the bath bombs’ intensive, varied fragrances, children can feel like they’re wandering through a magical forest of scents in their own bathroom, yet the product won’t leave any strong smell on their skin.

How to use - Safety regulations

Remove the packaging and the protective foil of the bath bomb.

Drop it into a bathtub full of water – you can do it when your child is already sitting in the water.

The bath bomb colors the water while it bubbles, releasing a pleasant cloud of scents in the bathroom.

Once the bath bomb has fizzed away, the little toy animal hidden inside gets revealed.

That’s it – simply let your child enjoy their bath and have fun!