SERIES 1 - Cuties Playground

Collect and know about all your 15 friends on the cuties playground.


The mollifier of the playground, she sees the good and the beautiful in everyone, she loves nature.


A real whiz, she knows everything better – a real inventor.


Math genius, always explains everything with numbers. The best friend of Ziggy.

100% Safe on Skin, Non-Irritant


HA loyal friend, her utmost desire is to grow wings and fly.


Natural born musician, she loves playing the drums, if you are in a mood for having a party, look for her.


Loves singing, always bursts into a song, he is planning to start a band with Emma.

Mostly Natural and Vegan ingredients


His parents want him to be the king of the animals, but he has different aims. He loves dancing above all, he would like to be a ballet dancer.


Acting up to her name, she is sharp-tongued, she speaks up her opinion honestly to anyone. Her favorite food is pancake with peanut butter.


The “Boss”, he would like to be a fierce felidae, king of the animals, but everyone can only see him as a cute little cat.

Mostly made from food grade materials


A family woman, motherly, loves everyone. She arrived from Fairyland and she can do magic.


Yellow-feathered duckling, stickybeak, betty, and that is why all his friends like him. His favorite item is his red, chequered blanket, without it he cannot fall asleep.


Trained martial artist, protector of the animals, still a romantic, amorous type.

No harmful ingredients


Circus acrobat, but she performs best as a clown, she can crack everybody up. The BFF of Mylo. (Best Friend Forever).


Silent, a bit shy, and she likes to have long naps under the shadow of her favorite tree.


The “giant” strongman, if you need help, you can count on him. His favorite food is the cheesy pizza.

15 different cuties animals to collect